"We had Tina take our family photos and it was the best choice! She let us pick the place we wanted to do it, took her time to get everything my husband and I wanted and even listened to our boys' ideas and made their thoughts become reality. She was great with getting our boys to smile for each picture and spent extra time working with some wonky lighting that caused glare in our glasses. Once the shoot was over, it felt like Tina had our pictures back to us in no time! We were immediately in love with the pictures when she sent them to us and she even offered to make adjustments for any picture we wanted to get printed on canvas so it would work out well. Our family will be sticking with Tina for our yearly pictures for years to come and we HIGHLY recommend her to other families as well. You won't regret it!"

"I own my own leather jewelry business and Tina has been my photographer for multiple model-product photoshoots! She is wonderful! Very easy to work with, attentive to detail, accommodating and creative. I love how I can throw out ideas and Tina will make the photo better than I even imagined! She has a great eye for symmetry and lighting! You won't be disappointed!"

"Tina is an incredible photographer with an eye for beauty & knows how to capture the moment! She is a perfectionist & really goes the extra mile to create photos that reveal great lighting & beautiful backgrounds. Tina did photos of our granddaughter and we were so pleased with not only the results, but with her professionalism & ability to make our granddaughter feel so comfortable & natural. I highly recommend her work!!"

"Tina Coe showed me her portfolio and I immediately noticed the high quality of her photos. We discussed what I was looking for through concept photos I'd gathered and I became confident she was the right choice for my graduation shoot. I wanted to work with someone I wouldn't feel self-conscious around and Tina made me feel at ease; I felt no judgement if my facial expressions/poses weren't working. She was not at all controlling, yet offered helpful suggestions to guide me closer to capturing the looks I wanted, which made me feel part of a team. She has an amazing eye for honing in on details, from lighting to the way the fabric is laying. There was one picture in particular that I love from when we were transitioning...she noticed the light behind me and had me pose suddenly, resulting in a golden glow clinging to the right outline of my body and highlighting my hair. And, the camera was angled just right to place a flowerbed as the backdrop. I will never forget the moment I saw that photo for the first time; I usually don't like pictures of my self, but that one had me slack jawed.
Tina was flexible and professional in every way, from the scheduling to sending the final product. I can't wait for an opportunity to return to her again for another photoshoot, and I would recommend her with out hesitation to anyone wanting high quality photos from a good communicator and talented photographer."

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